small business loans

Small Business Loans

The Renaissance Financing Resource Center provides financial education, technical assistance and access to capital to help small business owners become better managers of their business finances and understand growth opportunities.  If you are starting a business and have your business plan written or are in business and ready to expand, contact us for a FREE one hour consultation.

Our services include:

  • Loan packaging
  • Technical assistance
  • Connections to small business loan programs
  • Pre and post-loan consultation
  • Credit counseling referrals

Contact Gwendolyn Wright for a consultation at (415) 348-6222 or

As a small business owner I had huge inflated start-up numbers. Renaissance Financing Resource Center helped me focus my financial needs into real numbers. With more grounded numbers, FRC helped me find a company that could finance my start-up business and get my doors open!” Melissa Myers, owner of The Good Hop Shop