Adelia Butler of Second Chances Transportation

Adelia Butler was struggling through the perfect storm – she was taking care of both her sick father and sick mother, then she began to develop health issues of her own, while she was trying to maintain a full-time job. Adelia realized that in order to maintain her own health and assist her parents, she would need to start her own business.

While Adelia was taking her mother to her dialysis treatments and physician appointments, she witnessed firsthand that many patients often wait for several hours to be taken home after they receive their services.  With that the idea for her business, Second Chances Transportation was born.

Alicia quickly realized that she would need formal training on business management and enrolled in Renaissance Richmond’s Business Prep course. She learned that although there was competition in the market, she could differentiate herself by building care into her service. Second Chances Transportation doesn’t just take clients to their appointments in a speedy manner, they also focus on assisting with all the errands that are required before and after the appointments – such as grocery shopping and picking up prescriptions.  Adelia wants her clients to know “we don’t just drop off and pick up, we walk in with you and we walk out with you”.

Upon completing her business plan, Renaissance assisted Adelia in securing, and managing repayment of, a car loan for the van she purchased to transport her clients.  Adelia is experiencing an increase in revenue due to her ability to grow her customer base with quality clients – something she credits to Renaissance. Adelia stated, “I no longer go after customer that won’t pay. The pro bono legal help Renaissance provided showed me the importance of contracts and how to avoid customers who won’t sign them.”  Adelia acknowledges that she is now financially stable and able to offer consistent care to her mother.

Adelia sees hiring staff as the next milestone. Her goal is to procure a second van and hire young adults who live in the City of Richmond. She proudly states, “I would love to bring on some young people in the nursing program at Contra Costa College. I look forward to helping through earn money for school and gain real perspective on the medical field”.

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