success stories

Yolanda Vera of Leon Western Wear

Yolanda Vera worked for eight years as a seamstress at a local Richmond factory where she fabricated plastics. Seeking for extra income, on the weekends, Yolanda began to help her coworker’s side business to sell country style boots imported from Mexico at the Richmond flea market. One day Yolanda was walking down 23rd Street and she had a vision to...
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Yvonne Hines of Yvonne’s Southern Sweets

Yvonne Hines had a passion and talent for making mouthwatering Southern American style homemade sweets and specialty desserts. For years she treated her family and friends. When Yvonne learned she was pregnant with her daughter, and knew she couldn’t afford child care on her salary, she knew it was time to start selling her signature pralines at local events and...
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