Women’s Leadership Council

women's leadership council

The Renaissance Women’s Leadership Council is a dynamic initiative to support lower-income Bay Area women as they strive to achieve economic independence for themselves and their families through small business ownership.

The Council provides support and guidance in driving programmatic direction, raising funds, and increasing the visibility of English- and Spanish-speaking women entrepreneurs, ensuring they have access to the critical training, resources, networks and ongoing support all entrepreneurs need to succeed.

Renaissance Women’s Leadership Council Members:
The Renaissance Women’s Leadership Council is comprised of successful women business owners and women executives committed to uplifting women and their families through small business ownership.

Founding Members:
Bruce Burtch, CEO, Bruce W. Burtch, Inc. (retired)
Charmaine Detweiler, Chief Financial Officer, New Resource Bank (retired)
Alison Davis, Fifth Era (Renaissance Board Member)
Evelyn Dilsaver, Independent Board Director
Margot Fraser, Founder of Birkenstock USA (retired)
Nancy Green, Athleta
JoAnne Lauer, Blockchain Capital
Cheryl Lucanegro, SoundHound
Barbara Morrison, TMC Financing
Dani Nolan, Ernst & Young
Theresa Noriega-Lum, BlackRock
Helen Russell, Equator Coffee
Nancy Sheppard, Women2Boards
Laura Thompson, Thompson Concepts Groups (Renaissance Board Member)
Marion Weinreb, Marion Weinreb & Associates

Council Member Annual Giving Levels are:

  • $1,000 – $10,000 and above

If you are interested in learning more about the Renaissance Leadership Council, please contact Amy Harris, Director of Development and Evaluation at 415-348-6207 or aharris@rencenter.org.