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We hope you’re excited to use our fresh new website – we are! It’s easy to navigate and clean with an up-to-date design. We would even say it’s beautiful. Take a peek at our new and amazing calendar. It was a huge undertaking and we couldn’t have done it without the many people involved who made it happen.

Special thanks to our SAP volunteer team lead by Greg Muira and Vickie Brown for making it so feature-rich and user-friendly. Thanks to Erin Kodama, our web developer with her grace under pressure. She launched our site and several others just in the nick of time before giving birth.

Congratulations to Erin and her new son!

Thanks to Julio Martinez, our graphic designer who has been working with us for years and is always superb in carrying our brand through every assignment. Thanks to Ronan Sberlo of Red Oak Web Design for creating our directory. And finally, special thanks to the Renaissance staff for hard work creating the website, and learning to use our new WordPress content management system. It’s no easy feat to learn a new tool. We appreciate you being up for the challenge!

Though we’ve launched, a website is never done. If you have any feedback, send suggestions to Genessa at GKealoha@RenCenter.org


Meet Andrine Smith & Her ReCrafting Consignment Store

Andrine Smith is a lifelong crafter. She is an avid traditional rug hooker and knitter, among other crafts. In discussions with her fellow crafters over the years, she learned that many had amassed stashes of perfectly good and oftentimes costly crafting materials they no longer used or needed, but were reluctant to part with unless they would be put to good use.

Andrine SmithAndrine learned that crafters had few options for putting their surplus supplies in the hands of other crafters who could use and enjoy them. There were consignment stores where people could efficiently sell surplus clothing, household items and even sporting goods, so why not crafting supplies? Thus the idea of a crafting consignment store was born.

In 2014, Andrine’s unique idea became reality when she found space at 2449 Santa Clara Avenue in Alameda. The Recrafting Co. accepts yarn, fabric, beads, scrapbooking, quilting, needlework and other craft supplies on consignment and sells them at affordable prices. Consignors recoup some part of their investment in supplies and express gratitude that their consigned items will be used as intended by another crafter. Customers are delighted to find otherwise expensive tools and supplies at very affordable prices.

One key to the success of the business is an awareness of what sells and what doesn’t so Andrine is careful to accept only those items that are in good condition and will be sure to sell. She knows which crafts brands, materials and tools are popular and in demand.

So, if you are a quilter, knitter or general crafter, check out the great selection and bargain prices at The ReCrafting Co. in Alameda.