Fall in Love with Chicks and Love Pizza Patio

Chicks & Love was created from the love, passion and talents of two native Bay Area professional women: Chef Kellie Joe and her wife, Vanda, a designer. Together, they are known as The Chicks.

Kellie Joe, also known as Chef Chick, got started in 2010 by selling pizzas at the Orinda Farmers Market, then ended up at the Walnut Creek and Danville Farmer’s Markets with her wife. Kellie was also teaching culinary classes in Danville, CA, where she was the founder and instructor of the Monte Vista Culinary Academy for twelve years. She even hired students from her culinary classes to work at her farmers market stands. Yet, little did she know that she was destined for more. In 2014, Kellie left teaching and decided to put her focus completely on running her business.

In order to learn the foundation of business, Kellie signed up for the Renaissance 12-Week Business Planning class at the SoMa Center. She had this to say about the class: “Renaissance taught me invaluable basics of business planning ” Her intention was to grow her farmers market business, but about one year ago, she found the opportunity to open a storefront, and was quickly able to shift gears. “I always wanted to check off the box of having my own restaurant, from my bucket list!” And the chance came thanks to her wife Vanda, who works at the Rainbow Grocery store in San Francisco. A small trailer with a patio had opened up right next to the grocery store and Vanda and Kellie took the space to sell their pizzas.

In February 2016, Kellie took over the patio and the eight by ten feet coffee cart and completely transformed it. She purchased new kitchen equipment funded from her business savings. She also put in patio heaters and an awning made of recycled sails from a sailboat  to provide shelter from the rain. Draped with trees and vines, the space could easily be described as a cozy pizza haven.

Kellie is delighted and overjoyed with her business. She tells us that she is proud of her ‘baby’ and that all the blood, sweat and tears she’s put into this business has been an awesome experience!

In the next few years, Kellie’s goal is to build up her sales.  Kellie plans to grow her business with the help of Renaissance’s Financing Resource Center. “When I feel stuck, I like that I can call Renaissance and get help. I feel secure knowing that somebody cares and has my back.”

More about the Pizzas at Chicks & Love Pizza Patio:

What makes Chicks & Love pizza’s so unique? The ingredients! Kellie proudly serves baked-to-order, handcrafted, personal-sized flatbread pizzas with ingredients that are local, organic and backyard farm raised.Kellie and Vanda raise chickens and are beekeepers.  

They use their own bees’ honey in their pizza dough. On special occasions they use their own chickens eggs for their pizzas. Any of their pizzas can be prepared with an organic egg. They also have gluten-free and dairy free options.

Owners, Kellie Joe (left) and Vanda (right)








Chicks & Love Pizza Patio

1701 Folsom Street in San Francisco (right next to Rainbow Grocery!)
Open Monday through Friday 9am – 3pm
Walnut Creek Farmers Market Sundays 9am-2pm.

Tips for future food business owners:

Tip #1: Use your resources, ask for help. For anyone who is in a bind, take classes and use your resources.

Tip #2: Ask questions, do research and investigate. Before landing a space at the Walnut Creek farmers market, Kellie and her wife went around and asked vendors about their experience. What did they like and did not like? What were the worst and best things about having a business there? She found that most people are willing to help!

Pizza Discount! With any pizza purchase, get a complimentary Stumptown Drip coffee or Spindrift Fruit Selzer.

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