Amos Louis, ADF Handyman & Painting LLC

Amos Louis came to Oakland from Florida in 2000, trying to make a better life for himself. Unfortunately his dreams did not come to fruition. He couldn’t find a job and tragically spent years homeless and in and out of jail.

Amos’s luck turned when a jewelry maker business owner offered him a helping hand. He brought Amos into his shop to help with production.

A few years later Amos began taking on small handyman gigs. He learned roof patching, yard work, painting, and how to repair windows, hardwood floors, and more. His new boss noticed his potential and advised him to study to get a contractor’s license. Continuing to work and save money, Amos realized he could branch out and start his own business, but before doing so he needed to stabilize his personal life.

Finally in 2013, after years of studying, he got his state license and ADF Handyman and Painting LLC was born. Amos takes pride on how his efforts had led him here, but he knew he needed more guidance and support to prevent him from becoming distracted from his goals. In 2016, he enrolled in Renaissance Richmond, starting with the intensive Business Prep class, and built his business skills, formed a network and even created a partnership with another Renaissance client.

“Renaissance showed me how to organize, strategize, network and create goals for my business. After taking the class, I saw my own capabilities and I understood how important it is to have your business organized and make it more functional. Since enrolling in Renaissance, business is picking up, I have learned to schedule my projects better and I am now more confident to be direct with clients and realize my choices.”