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Come to an Orientation!

To get an overview of all small business services offered at Renaissance, we invite you to attend an upcoming orientation. Each of our four centers offers classes, workshops and support services to help you build essential skills needed for success. From our SF Fashion Series in SoMa to our Contractors Initiative in Bayview, and our Business Incubator in Mid-Peninsula, and our Spanish language programs Richmond, each Center offers services as unique as the people and businesses in the communities we serve.

Introductory Business Classes

If you have a business idea, our Start Smart and Lean Startup classes will help you test the feasibility of that idea. You will leave the class with answers to the questions: ‘Will my business idea work?’ and ‘How much money will I make?’ If you’re satisfied with the answer and ready to launch a business, we recommend taking a business planning class or getting a free consultation from our Financing Resource Center.

Business Planning Classes

If you have made steps toward starting a business or have taken an introductory class, business planning is the next step on the path to success. Writing an action plan, a business plan, and making financial projections will guide you, along with the support of other like-minded individuals and expert consultants. Follow-up the business planning class with a free consultation from our Financing Resource Center, or enroll in a workshop to continue to develop your business skills.

Business Workshops

Continue to develop essential business skills and knowledge. Workshops include:

  • Legal topics such as negotiating a lease, writing independent contractor agreements, and choosing the right legal entity for your business
  • Digital Marketing Series by GoDaddy
  • Quickbooks and Bookkeeping Bootcamps
  • SF Fashion Series

Check back regularly for ongoing business support. We offer different workshops each quarter. Grow your business community by attending our networking and special events, or get help just for you, including classes for women or taught in Spanish.

Networking & Special Events

For Women

Clases y Talleres en Español