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entrepreneurTracker Annual Client Outcome Survey, FIELD at the Aspen Institute
Renaissance participates in EntrepreneurTracker, a national survey conducted by the Aspen Institute’s FIELD program. The annual survey, which is administered to a randomly-selected pool of clients, evaluates clients’ household and business circumstances one year after they complete our training. Results show that our small businesses have big impact!

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microTracker U.S. Microenterprise CensusFIELD at the Aspen Institute
 Renaissance also participates in the U.S. Microenterprise Census conducted annually by FIELD at the Aspen Institute to obtain updated information on the scope and scale of the U.S. microenterprise industry and to track its evolution. Through the census, Renaissance shares knowledge as well as gains access to larger aggregated microenterprise data that allows us to learn about trends and how Renaissance’s program performance compares to other microenterprise development agencies. For example, we’ve learned that Renaissance is one of the biggest microenterprise development nonprofit organizations in the country based on number of individuals served annually, scope of work and size. For more info, please visit

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