Wear Now Do
Business Owner: Melissa Simpson
Categories: Online Retail, Women-Owned
About Us

Our mission is to help people by strengthening funding for nonprofit organizations that:

Provide professional development services for low/moderate income individuals.

Improve and create safe, urban, green spaces in communities.

Offer youth mental health services to their clients.

Non profits that can reach more people and provide more services can deliver more social impact. Wear Now Do is a force for good in the lives of those who yearn for economic, social, and political justice. We believe meaningful impact comes through direct action.

How We DO It All:
We produce high quality bags, apparel, and inspired home goods that are supportive of outcomes that maximize our vision. Wear Now Do advances communities of color by providing a platform for increased dialog and financially through charitable giving that packs a social impact. A portion of our sales are donated directly with not for profit organizations that need additional financial resources to meet their clients needs.

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