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How To Eliminate Your Competition: Start A Really Niche Business!

Do you live in a house with a chandelier? Neither do a lot of people.
But apparently it’s a niche business with enough demand that Rebecca Fox, owner of Fox Chandelier Cleaning, has been running her business successfully for over ten years!
Starting a business in a specialized niche can be a great idea because you don’t have to worry about having lots of competition!
The intricate work that goes into chandelier cleaning, restoration and repair is not something that many people know how to do.

Rebecca Fox

But Rebecca didn’t get into chandelier cleaning on purpose. It just kind of happened. Her background, experience and opportunities all fell into the right place.

She had a background in welding and sculpting. So when she first started working for a chandelier restoration business, it was to assist in the creation of custom metal chandeliers. She also learned how to do chandelier cleaning, restoration and repairs.

After a few years working as a welder and in house management, Rebecca came back to her former employer with a proposal for collaboration.

All Rebecca wanted to do was the cleaning side of the business.

But instead of going into business together, Rebecca’s former boss gave her an encouraging push into business ownership and handed Rebecca her very first clients!

At the beginning, her biggest challenge was figuring out pricing and how much to charge clients. It was especially tricky when clients would question the amount that she would charge them.


Rebecca took the Renaissance Business Planning Class in 2006. The class helped her create a financial system and determine her cost and pricing.

On another level, the Business Planning Class also gave Rebecca the feeling that she was not alone and that she could get the help that she needed.

Fox Chandelier Cleaning Van

Looking back at her experience, if she could do something differently back then, it would have been to delegate more from the beginning.

But things worked out and she attributes her success to “hiring a lot of good people and letting them do their job well.”

Her main source of clients are repeat clients and the end of year holidays is her busiest time of the year.

In fact, Fox Chandelier Cleaning has just completed one of their largest jobs cleaning fifty-three chandeliers, wall sconces and lanterns at The Fairmont Hotel in San Jose.

Fox Chandelier Cleaning - The Fairmont San Jose Hotel - Regency Ballroom PROCESS 2

Fox Chandelier Cleaning has grown successfully, even without the help of financing.

Although not having many competitors helps, Rebecca says that the main source of her success is simply “just doing the job well!”

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