WRN Get up & Go

Medical Equipment Supplier, helping people with disabilities and their health care professionals by providing them with high-quality medical equipment and outstanding customer service.

Sweet Almond Esthetics

At Sweet Almond is committed to maintaining, preserving and enhancing ones natural beauty. Using only premier products and advanced Electro Therapy, Sweet Almond ensures a quality experience for each guest

Second Chances, LLC

Second Chances, LLC guarantees you a safe and comfortable non-emergency medical transportation experience. Their friendly and reliable drivers can get you to gatherings and appointments on time and their vehicles can carry various mobility equipment.

Shield Urself philanthropy

ShieldUrselfPhilanthropy supports clients in making breakthroughs with both a belief- and behavior-based coaching method. It serves as an oasis for busy Bay Area residents to pause, to reflect, to tune in to their own greatness.

LaToya Love

LaToya is a spiritual coach who uses astrology and tarot readings to help people overcome life obstacles, which consists of natal chart interpretation, spiritual lifestyle adaptation, oracle and Tarot readings and spiritual education.

Get At Me Enterprises

Save yourself time and frustration – let us take care of the DMV paperwork. We’ll even pick up and drop off paperwork. GAM-Enterprises is licensed and bonded by the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles (business partner #57305).

Cleanse Within Colonics

Colonics, Infrared Sauna, Yoni Steaming

Carine Camara

A transformation coach, acupuncturist and energy healer. A unique blend of intuitive and energetic healing, practical science, and care. Carine can help take you from pain and imbalance to joy and freedom.

Body, Soul, and Spirit Salon

A professional salon establishment and Trichology Clinic specializing in achieving and maintaining professional women’s hair health. They provide treatments and services to those suffering from scalp issues, hair damage, hair breakage, and hair loss.