Step It Up Dance

Step It Up Dance was established in order to provide a fun, creative outlet and diverse knowledge of dance/movement in general. Available dance classes include ballet, hip-hop, jazz, modern, funk, lyrical, movement, West African, and more.

Stephanie’s Ginger Snap Shots

Super shots are a natural antibiotic, a wonderful decongestant, natural anti-inflammatory, great for travel sickness and can assist with severe hay fever. Each blend is made to order with organic and natural healthy fruit and vegetables. Try it now!

Shipyard K9 Supplies

Inspired by their beloved Siberian Husky Winter Snow and canines everywhere, Daniel and Leah Howard have created their business to celebrate furry friends in the Bayview-Hunter’s Point/Shipyard community with quality supplies and unique services.


PUZZLED2020 started during the Pandemic due to the rise in mental illness, globally. PUZZLED2020 provides impactful and affordable mental wellness tools that are scientifically proven but not limited to: reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and more.

LIT Productions

LIT is building a community of women looking for support with accountability on spiritual & personal development. If you are looking to be inspired & connect with women who are determined to reach their goals join the email list to get connected!

LaToya Love

LaToya is a spiritual coach who uses astrology and tarot readings to help people overcome life obstacles, which consists of natal chart interpretation, spiritual lifestyle adaptation, oracle and Tarot readings and spiritual education.


Letthemflourish offers a variety of services such as fertility coaching, herbal consultations, research consulting, (& more) while centering the narratives of Black and Indigenous people who’ve been historically marginalized in health care reform.

Jones Psychological Services

Providing psychotherapy to adults, couples, families and groups, their approach is to provide a safe and supportive environment for clients when they are facing challenges in their lives. Services can help clients address a wide variety of issues.

EPIC1 Wellness Program

Epic combines movement modalities like meditation, somatic exercises, functional workouts and martial arts. A wellness practice or helping all people of all ages reach optimal self-empowerment and creative flow! Contact today for more information.

Demby | Co

Demby | Co is based in the SF Bay Area and provides healthy scenting through fragrance products with sustainable packaging. Their vision is to captivate senses and enhance living spaces while protecting and respecting the earth and its inhabitants.