Ase Arts

Asé Arts LLC is an Oakland-based visual arts provider in service to black and brown communities. Utilizing the arts as a catalyst to provoke thought, conversation & change. Asé Arts is invested in the community’s health and well-being and strives to build connections through the process of art-making.


Company: Earthfire Arts Studio

Owner(s): Asima Arif

Website: https://www.earthfireartsstudio.com/

About the company

Earthfire is a pottery/painting studio, drop ins, will glaze and fire potter. They also do in-studio classes in clay molding and painting, and after school art classes at school sites.


Asima first came to the Renaissance Financial Resource Center looking for help getting a small business loan.


A year after receiving the loan, Asima is working on growing her business and getting more customers. She is currently working with Renaissance to improve her online marketing, and apply for a women-owned business grant from the city. Asima received the business loan she originally came to Renaissance for help with, and this allowed her to offer more services and classes. Through consulting services, Asima has been improving her website, online marketing, and created an online calendar of events. This has increased her sales (both through product sales and events) in the last several months.