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“Since becoming a client of Renaissance I was able to grow my business and hire 2 new employees.”

Margarita Moreno, proud owner of Princess Beauty Salon and Renaissance Client
Renaissance is kicking off our spring campaign to Create True Economic Opportunity for lower-income Bay Area women and men with Silicon Valley Gives.


With your support, Renaissance will assist lower-income women and men to start and grow their own thriving businesses and create better futures for their families.

For Margarita, who emigrated to California from Mexico in 1991, it took her personal determination along with intensive training from Renaissance to grow her business, Princess Beauty Salon in Daly City.

Although Margarita owned her own business for 12 years, she was struggling. When she heard of Renaissance onUnivision‘s morning show, Margarita quickly enrolled in Renaissance’s intensive Start Smart and Business Prep classes where she honed her marketing and finance skills. As a result, her business started to grow beyond her expectations and she was able to hire 2 new employees.

When you donate to Renaissance, you are giving entrepreneurs – just like Margarita – the hand up they need to become economically self-sufficient and contribute to the vibrancy of our local communities.


Donations received throughout the month of May will be generously matched by five Renaissance Board Members and Silicon Valley Gives (on May 5th only)!


Your contribution to Renaissance will provide lower-income women and men with the small business training, consulting, financial education, business incubation, mentorship and access to capital, resources and networks all entrepreneurs need to succeed.
Your gift will help entrepreneurs like Margarita, for example:


$5,000 will fund 1 Start Smart (introduction to business class) for 20 individuals $2,500 provides industry-specific training for 12 entrepreneurs in the construction or food sectors $1,000 provides
2 months of onsite incubation for 1 emerging business
$750 will support 1 entrepreneur to attend our intensive 14-week “mini MBA” $500 will support 1 woman in our women-focused small business and personal empowerment class $250 will support 1 entrepreneur in securing capital for business launch and growth
$100 provides
2 hours of expert small business consulting in
marketing, finance and operations
$50 keeps the lights on and our programs running. We can’t do it without them or you. Every dollar helps!



Thank you so much for donating today. Together, we are Creating True Economic Opportunity for over 2,000 women and men each year… just like Margarita Moreno.

Thank you so much.
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Sharon Miller

P.S. Renaissance is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Your gift is fully tax-deductible.

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