financing resource center

Welcome to the Financing Resource Center

Our mission is to increase and improve the small business community’s access to capital. Our typical loan requests range from $5,000–$250,000. Since the year 2000, we helped 377 entrepreneurs obtain approximately $20,000,000 in small business loans.

We begin with a financial assessment to determine the best funding strategy for your small business. From startup to expansion, we help you determine the right amount of financing with the best interest rate from the best lending resource. We help with crowdfunding strategy too. We provide loan packaging assistance, strategic consultations and feasibility analysis. We have excellent relationships with community-based non-profit lenders, local banks and credit unions throughout the Bay Area.

A detailed business plan is often required as a financing document when applying for a small business loan. Our business planning classes are the perfect solution to help with this task. To help new and existing entrepreneurs become better managers of their money and cash flow we also offer introductory Bookkeeping and Quickbooks Bootcamps.

If you have consumer credit issues we recommend contacting Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco, a local non profit resource.

If you are thinking about a small business loan or are ready to start or grow your small business and need expert advice and information, please email Gwendolyn Wright at, Managing Consultant, Financing Resource Center, or call 415-348-6222 now.

All FRC services are free. We look forward to helping you soon.


“Renaissance has been an integral part of my business’s growth and development.  The business planning class was packed with incredible information, wonderful instructors and fantastic fellow entrepreneurs.  I have met with Gwen after leaving the class and she has been absolutely fantastic in helping me acquire small business loans. She has been so supportive and a huge advocate.” – Gillian Shaw, Black Jet Baking Co.