Come to an Orientation!

We invite you to attend an upcoming orientation to get an overview of all small business services offered at Renaissance.

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Start Smart

If you have a business idea, our Start Smart class will help you test the feasibility of that idea, develop foundational business skills and build your business network.

Business Prep

If you have made steps toward starting a business, have taken an introductory class, or are ready for growth, Business Prep is your next best step on the path to success. You will learn business skills, develop financials, write an Action Plan and build networks with other like-minded entrepreneurial individuals and expert consultants.

Workshops & Events

Continue to develop essential business skills, networks and knowledge with our workshops and special events.

Women's Empowerment

Renaissance’s Women’s Business Center, a partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), provides business training, access to capital and markets and support strategies that are essential to the successful growth of emerging and established women entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sorry, there are no events to display.

Grant Opportunities


Digital Tools & Training Grant:

SPANISH: https://forms.gle/uKj55bYsAz2LYSFEA

ENGLISH: https://forms.gle/MSDdDuUcwXZbvcka8